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John is probably the "best trainer you never heard of" he is an inspirational trainer. On top of his many P.T qualifications and years of experience, John adds a psychology degree. He changes your relationship with fitness forever. I really like the combination of training & massage and the nutritional knowledge that John offers, he is exceptional. MN

The bodywork is out of this world-all three therapists are top-notch (and trust me, I've had more treatments than most people have had hot dinners) but John Orums Esalen Massage jumped straight into the number one-spot of my ‘best ever bodywork’ list”.

Jane Alexander

John got me fit, motivated and helped me turn things around after a series of traumatic events. Having John's good counsel and day by day exercise & positive psychology routines really steadied the ship and helped get me onto the next page. He is a lot more than 'just' a trainer, he really cares about people and wants them to get on. PN

Jono trained me for my first Ironman triathlon event. He's super knowledgeable, efficient and has given me loads of nutritional advice, and techniques to get the very most out of limited training time, he's fun to train with but takes no prisoners if you're a slacker. He also gives a brilliant sports massage and knows just where the problems are to be found. Seriously recommended. Andy S.

I always like training with John. He is demanding, so i can achieve my weight loss target, and he is fun as well. I recommend him highly. AG


John knows all about behaviour, especially destructive behaviour. Together we have spent a year modifying mine for the better. John is all about the client- he wants to help and has the tools to do so. He is smart, savvy and very very patient. TK

John's Esalen massage has to be experienced to be believed. It is one of the best treatments I ever received- it is heaven. Danni

Best massage i ever had, bar none. KB

John's bodywork skills are superb, he not only helped me rehabilitate my badly damaged rotator cuff muscles in my shoulder but also then worked on all the soft tissue problems around the joint-explaining the process step by step. My shoulder feels like new, and my neck actually turns. Took 6 weeks but definitely worth the effort. I strongly recommend this guys work. GM

I went to John with low back pain that just wouldn't go away- after a scan he has taught me how to take control of my discomfort. We have worked on my core strength/flexibility, posture and footwear. He has explained why i get discomfort and has put a program in place to eliminate it. He is thorough and seems to know exactly what's going on with my spine. I happily recommend him. SS