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John focuses on

modifying destructive

eating habits by highlighting

underlying patterns

Good, consistent nutrition, is optimal, not only for performance but for longevity and quality of life too. A sound dietary regimen has a huge effect on health and successful training/weight loss outcomes. It is one of the few areas in life where one has almost total control, i.e. how we eat is up to us.

Although diet and lifestyle can be difficult to change, John focuses on educating and modifying poor eating habits by highlighting underlying patterns.

Recent independent research highlights a "common sense" approach to nutrition with less emphasis placed on fashionable fad diets and more attention paid to the fundamentals ie real non processed foods which include fruit, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts, combined with high quality protein sources, ideally organic. Moderation is a key factor, whether that be in relation to quantity or indeed additions like coffee or red wine. Nutritional requirements vary from person to person, telling an endurance athlete to cut out carbohydrates would be poor advice as it does not address the individuals training needs.


White Foods: White Bread/Sugar/Pasta/Cereal-all have been heavily processed with most of the best stuff taken out.

Sugar & Salt: All types, from ‘Healthy Juices’ [unless freshly squeezed] to the hidden stuff lurking in canned goods, pasta sauces and pretty much everywhere.

Fast Food Snacks: Burgers/ Hot Dogs/ Pizza/ Kebabs/ Crisps/ Soda’s/ Fried foods. Sweets: Pastries/Biscuits/Ice Cream/ Confectionery.

Red Meats: Beef/Pork /Lamb. Fats: Cooking Fats/ Margarine / Butter.


Fruit & Vegetables: Greens especially/ Legumes [Try to eat fruit not just the juice].

Organic Produce: Free-Range/ Nutrient Rich/ Less chemically enhanced/ Conscientious.

Wholegrains: Complex Carbohydrates, Natural, Filling & Nutritionally sound.

Eggs: Healthy-Super-food grenades.

Healthy Fats: Unrefined naturally occurring in Nuts/Seeds/Avocados/Fish.

Fluids: Water/Coffee/Tea-White/Green/Ginger. Vegetable Milk (Sugar free Almond milk) Red Wine. Soya

Products: Yoghurt/ Soya Pap. Dark Chocolate: 70% plus cocoa (in small amounts).

An integrated referral service is also offered for clients that require more in-depth help with a clinical nutritionist testing hormonal / blood marker levels, gut health, energy levels and potential toxicity. Training plans are then shaped to take account of this data, with the training style integrated to the nutritional plan.