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John delivers innovative multi modal training tailored to the client's needs and ability having assessed their inherent physiological strengths and weaknesses. He incorporates the latest evidence based research into protocols such as high intensity anaerobic training, functional movements to classic aerobic endurance training. He also includes TRX training, boxing, core training, myo-fascial dynamics, manual resistance techniques, developmental stretching, yoga/pilates, spinal rehabilitation, and postural correction.


Strength and conditioning

By building muscle tissue the body becomes more metabolically active and burns more calories even at rest, offers increased sport performance, injury resistance, aids good posture and allows the body to perform better. Resistance training can be targeted to develop muscular strength & endurance, size and tone, and with excellent nutrition can create a lean sculpted look. John's resistance training routines are personalized, specific and constantly varied to ensure progression for even the fittest individuals.

12 Week reboot programmeWeight loss

John's techniques challenge metabolic rate to improve short and long term fat burning efficiency. Variations in low & high intensity exercise combined with nutritional control and disciplined lifestyle changes are custom designed to have maximum impact. An ongoing maintenance program ensures the weight lost- stays off. John's MSc dissertation was on the "Maintenance of Body Weight after successful weight loss on a commercial weight loss programme" focusing on various Weight Maintaining strategies employed by those that managed to keep their 'new' bodyweight. Recommended eating programs and weight reducing metabolic / fitness training are based on this, and John's 20 years of practical experience. Food diaries & body measurements help clients understand eating patterns and how they affect physiology.

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Postural correction/Core control

Lifestyle, gravity & muscular weakness/imbalance and repetitive sports, may all contribute to postural dysfunction. The results are often pain, immobility & poor postural habits. To maintain good postural control and movement efficiency, the body's central core must be strong. Core control and other imbalances can be corrected through specific exercises developed to ensure certain muscles are strengthened and others are lengthened, with a focus on joint integrity and local muscular endurance.

Sports specific fitness

John trains many individuals who use their bodies in specific ways unique to their chosen sport. Having personally experienced and studied the biomechanics and sports science of most sports, he can advise on how to utilize the body in a more efficient and economical way to improve performance and comfort. Training intelligently promotes muscular balance and minimizes risk of injury. John's creative use of Sports massage is an integral part of the training regimes to inform ongoing physiological assessment and to aid recovery after hard training efforts.


John has personally experienced the pain, psychological effects of rehab as a result of a serious accident some years ago. This life altering episode, enabled him to understand the synergy between mind and body and the beneficial effects of focus, discipline and a positive outlook. After many long hours working with physiotherapists decompression chamber nurses, plastic surgeons and orthopedic specialists John has a clear understanding of the pain, frustration, and boredom associated with rehabilitating from injury. His rehab programs are very effective as a result.

Group & Corporate Training

 John offers group fitness training both for groups of friends outdoors, and colleagues in corporate settings, working not only on health & fitness, but also focusing on developing teamwork, trust and communication skills. Highlighting negative attitudes and their effects on the team in an exercise environment can help optimize the wider group dynamic.

Senior Training/ Training for the mature body

A maturing body has a reduction in hormonal levels & efficiency. Although slower to respond to stimulus as the body ages, huge results can be achieved with the right protocols. John focuses on both increasing existing fitness and improving those areas in potential decline e.g. muscular strength/endurance, balance/co-ordination, flexibility and postural improvements. Exercise for older clients can improve cognitive focus and mental agility and boost confidence through regular supportive social contact. Massage/bodywork can also stimulate working function and promote feelings of wellbeing.

Adolescent training

Young people's bodies are works in rapid progress, and need to be carefully trained to preserve the structural foundations and avoid future musculoskeletal issues. Weight training and other disciplines are undertaken in a considered way to take account of all the variables of a growing body. John has trained and mentored a number of young people to actively promote their participation in a variety of sports not only for health but for confidence and life skills going forward.