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A clear vision of achievable goals is vital whether that be weight loss, improved fitness or a better sports performance. Effective goal setting achieves successful outcomes by planning and defining realistic specific targets. New Years resolutions are often broken because they are vague or unrealistic.

Goal setting focuses attention and provides a direction for motivation and persistence and when achieved increases self efficacy and confidence. Research shows that structured goal setting enhances performance in exercise, sports and for that matter in the business world.
  • Short term/micro goals provide focus day to day and in each session and allow you to move towards intermediate goals.
  • Intermediate or Meso goals are marked by time e.g. running 10k in sub 50 minutes by the end of May
  • Dream goals or Macro goals are longer term e.g. achieving a personal marathon best,
    or getting back to a size 10 four months after giving birth.
 The key to goal achievement is planning and execution.
  • Develop a vision of what you want, how to get it and plan it out.
  • Commit. Make the goal worth striving for
  • Believe the goal is achievable, not too easy, not too difficult
  • Focus on small achievable steps— this improves confidence/motivation and as confidence increases the level of challenge can increase
  • Consider practical limiting factors when planning such goals e.g. time constraints, access to gym/outdoor space, childcare 


– What needs to be done, be clear
Measurable – Quantify goal, speed, shape etc
Accepted – Accept the goal is realistic, doable and worthwhile
Recorded – Write down the goals and sign up to a hypothetical contract
Timed – Set a time limit and stick to it
Evaluate – Monitor progress
Reviewable – Recognize Injury, or an overambitious goal may require the goal to be reset